Our Story

Yajurvendra Mahajan was born in Erandol, a small town in the Jalgaon district of Maharastra. His grandfather was a headmaster at the local school, and his father was a rural doctor. Since working for people’s welfare was part of his family values, working for the well-being of society came naturally to Yajurvendra. While pursuing his higher studies in Pune, the harsh truth of the discrepancy in the standard of education available to the elite and the poor or the urban and the rural made him restless. He honestly believed that everyone deserved a fair chance at education. He felt the need to bridge this gap between the available opportunities and the bright underprivileged students. Leaving his lucrative career in education at Pune, he returned to his hometown, at Jalgaon.

Yajurvendra, along with a few like-minded people, set in motion a revolution for rural and tribal education . He sold his ancestral property, which was his home, and also choose to go for a registered court marriage instead of a pompous wedding and used the money to further his cause. His selfless actions inspired many other individuals to participate in this movement.

The team consulted experts, researched and learnt from others veterans working in this field. They figured ways to use their voices to raise the need for holistic education to everyone and use their resources to start transforming lives. As their commitment to this work grew, under the leadership of Yajurvendra Mahajan.

Deepstambh Foundation started working for the comprehensive development of rural, tribal, deprived and economically backward students. It supported them with training for competitive examination and guidance in personality and career development. By promoting a reading culture and conducting student-parent- teachers counselling and training programs, Deepstambh Foundation equipped the students with the necessary facilities, atmosphere and guidance for holistic education and development.

It was during the Deepstambh journey that once a differently-abled girl stirred Yajurvendra’s thoughts more deeply. When she said that she felt like a liability to her financially backward family and expressed her desire to be self-sufficient, Yajurvendra felt compelled to think for the benefit of all such students. At this point, the foundation decided to extend it’s wings and hence Manobal was set up. Through Manobal, Deepstambh Foundation started working with different types of persons with disabilities and orphans to inculcate a sense of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance in them. Manobal now enables these students to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams.

At Deepstambh Foundation, the valuable contribution of a group of dedicated, courageous and hard-working people is helping it share its progressive work to every nook and corner of India. The team strongly believes goodness is contagious, and the journey will keep continuing with strength and conviction.

Our Vision

To develop capable and emotionally evolved human beings and strong leaders in all fields through holistic quality education.

Our Mission

To connect and benefit, 50 lakh students, parents and teachers through Deepstambh by 2030.


Our Prayer

Core values


We believe in providing quality-driven education and facilities through our services. We continuously learn and evolve to create innovative, and effective solutions achieve excellence in our service.

Selfless Service

Giving selflessly is an important value to our foundation. We speak the language of love and compassion and believe the capability to give is our strength. All our volunteers, patrons and students work with this spirit of giving. 


We believe in highly focused service and commitment towards our goals. We value truth and transparency in our words and actions, in everything we do. 


Self-respect, self-confidence, and self-reliance is what we strive to instill in each of our students. We also deeply regard and respect our staff, volunteers, well-wishers and patrons welcome diverse perspectives, suggestions, and ideas. 


Humanity is our religion. We believe in connecting, listening, and responding sensitively. We strive to give each individual a space to bring out their best and grow to their potential by creating a caring and inclusive environment.

Our Financials

At Deepstambh, being custodian of public funds we emphasize on accountability and complete transperancy. We follow all financial regulations set forth for non-profits by the Government of India, and are audited annually.


Board of Directors do not take any remuneration or allowances for their services. They donate to the organization every year.

Our Team

Synergy is achieved when sensitive like-minded individuals come together. The Deepstambh Team is a perfect example of this. Our inclusive team has people from different strata, caste and religion, age groups, persons with disabilities and orphans working positively towards achieving the purpose of the foundation with unity, respect and trust.

Chief Advisory Council

Dr Narendra Jadhav

Member of Parliament

Dr Dnyaneshwar Mulay

Ex High commissioner of India

Shri Sunil Bhokre

Vice Admiral

Shri Vinay Sahastrabudhe

Member of Parliament

Dr Kantilal Sancheti

Recipient of Padma Vibhushan

Shri. M. V. Kotwal

Ex. Director L&T

Board of Directors

Yajurvendra Mahajan

Dr Rajesh Dabi

Dr Rekha Mahajan

Laxman Sapkale

Tejas Kawdiya

Dr Rupesh Patil

Shailesh Kolte

Hemlata Amalkar

Rajendra Patil

Sandhya Suryawanshi

Minakshee Nikam

Savita Bhole

Patron members

Life members and Convenors

Dr. Alka Mandke,Mumbai
Shri. Uday Nirgudkar , Thane 
Dr. Vivek kulkarni,Pune 
Shri. Indrajeet Deshmukh, Karad
Dr. Vasudha kamat, Mumbai
Dr. Girish Kulkarni, Ahemadnagar
Dr. Avinash Savji, Amravati
Dr. S. F. Patil , Pune
Dr. K. B. Patil , Jalgaon
Shri. Bharat Amalkar, Jalgaon
Sau. Sunandatai Pawar, Baramati
Architect Sharad Mahajan, Aurangabad
Dr. Sunilkumar Lavte ,Kolhapur 
Shri. Deepak Karanjikar, Nasik
Shri. Pradip Dhaval, Thane 
Shri. Ashok Jain , Jalgaon
Shri. Pukhraj Pagariya, Jalgaon
Shri. Nilkanth Gaikwad, Jalgaon
Shri. Chotu Varangavankar. Amravati
Dr. Avinash pol , Satara
Prin. Bhausaheb Jadhav , Pune 
Shri. Mukund Kulkarni,  Aurangabad
Shri. Pravin Deshpande, Pune
Shri. Prashant Deshpande, Aurangabad
Shri. Prasad Kokil, Aurangabad

Navin Kale, Mumbai
Rajendra Patil, Thane
Kalpana Bhole, Nagpur
Atul, Prajakta, Nagpur
Jitu Dinani, Nahik
Dr. Kalidas Thanvi, khamgaon
Rajesh Zoldev, Delhi
Sneh Desai, Ahmadabad
Chitra Wagh, Mumbai
Sachin Kher, Mumbai
Anand Khot,Mumbai
Piyush Bongirwar, Mumbai
Dr. Sandip Kate, Satara. 
Pravin Gambhir. Nasik
Amrut Deshmukh. Thane
Sudhir Surve, Aurangabad
Sumit Thole, Aurangabad
M. M. Patil. Nashik
Ketan Gawand, Mumbai
Dinesh Jadhav, Vardha
Yogesh Mahajan ,Pune.
Sanjay Changde, Janefal
Gopal Kanherkar, Shegaon
Tekchand Sonawane, Delhi
Shrungshri Chaudhari, Manipur
Ketan gavand , Mumbai
Dr. P. T. Patil, Bangalore
Dr. Vaishali khanapurkar, Nashik
Prasad kokil, Aurangabad
Rajesh Munot, Dondaicha
Dr. Mukund Sohoni, Dondaicha.
Aanand Mutha,Nashik.

Local Committee Members : Jalgaon

Local Committee Members : Pune

Siddharth Bafna
Mansi Mahajan
Sangita Sanghavi
Dr.Ravi Mahajan
Paresh Shah
Kiran Kakkad
Amarbhai Kukreja
Abhayraj Chordiya
Dimple Advani
Balasaheb Suryawanshi
Anil Bhole
Jagdish Mahajan
Anil Bhokre
Vishnukant Maniyar
Hamid Memon
Hemangini Sonavane
Jaydeep Patil
Ashish Kasat
Dr.Sonali Mahajan
Amol Mahajan

Manjushri Kulkarni
Chitra kulkarni
Nana Shivale
Adv. Pratibha Dalal
Dr. Nikhil Burute
Devdatta Pujari
Arun Gujar
Chetan Ghule
Deepak Shaha
Dr. Jaydeep Patil 
Dr. Ashwini Godse
Dr. Shaligram Bhandari
Dhananjay Bhole
Madhukar Patil
Samir Athaley
Shital Pawar 
Pushkar Aruangbadkar
Prachi Gujar
Rashmi Pandhare
Yogesh Anjane
Swati Patil
Ghanasham Marne

Deepstambh Global

Nandkumar Dhekne, Shanghai
Narendra Kale, USA
Amit Waikar, Shanghai
Pradhyumna Ingle, Shanghai
Samir Dorle, Shanghai
Rahul Bagade, Shanghai

Priya Wani, USA
Babita Thakkar, USA
Sharvari Patil, Japan
Roshani Radhakrishnan, Mauritius 
Minal Patil, Australia
Bhushan Satam, Singapore

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