At the heart of Deepstambh is a deep desire to serve selflessly to bring about equality and dignity to every person. Laying our foundation on our country’s pledge, Deepstambh’s sincere devotion is to the country and its people. Our true happiness lies in the prosperity of all. So let’s to come together and make this world more beautiful and our life more meaningful.

Yajurvendra Mahajan

Founder, Deepstambh Foundation

Be a changemaker

We rise in life by lifting others.

Be a Volunteer

We have great opportunities for those who want to volunteer, to contribute and share their skills, knowledge and experiences with the students and staff. These opportunities are flexible and convenient.  How much time would you like to devote ?

Ways in which you can volunteer both online and offline :

  • Website Management
  • Social Media Handling
  • Content Writing
  • Counseling
  • Training and Teaching
  • Photography and Videography
  • Fund Raising / Crowd Funding

Be a Parent

For the overall development of the students, along with academic guidance, they need emotional support and mentoring. It is very essential in the case of orphan and physically challenged students. We try building a connection between the students and generous families like yours, who are willing to support and nurture the students into confident adults.

You can parent a student by :
Creating an emotional connect
Guiding and supporting
Sending across goodies and greetings
Personally meeting atleast twice a year 
Paying for one year’s residential and academic expenses.

Be a Donor

Individual Funding

We are constantly expanding our horizons to work for the education and integrated support of well-deserving students. You can pick a cause for which you would wish to contribute. Make a one time contribution or a periodic one. Our collective efforts will transform their lives.
CSR Funding

You can make a donation towards a specific cause as per the CSR strategy of your company. Our organisation complies with all CSR regulations & requirements

Be an Intern

School and college students (from any college) intending to do their internship as a part of their cirriculum can apply either individually or through their institutions. 

Job opportunities

If you wish to work with us please share your resume at [email protected]

They have supported us to make an impact by working together

Amit Waikar

Managing Director, ASEAN at DöhlerGroup

I believe, Deepstambh and Manobal offer us this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute a small part towards a meaningful service towards humanity. Whatever we contribute here acts as an elixir for our heart and soul! I am proud of my lifelong commitment and connection with Deepastambh. This association keeps enriching my life, bit by bit, every single day!

Saroj Warke

Director, HiMedia Laboratries, Thane

It is a difficult task to look after physically challenged children. At Manobal persons with disabilities, orphans and other underpriviledged children are not only looked after but the organisation also takes care of their higher education and training for competitive exams. It helps them fulfill their dreams of becoming administrative officers. We have decided to support this organisation and we are very proud of it.

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