Inspiring story of Sagar Marathe

I am happy to share the inspiring story of Sagar Marathe, a disabled individual who recently achieved great success by securing a position in the administrative department of the Indian Railways. Sagar’s story is a testament to the fact that success is not correlated with a person’s disability, but rather their determination and drive.

Despite losing one arm and one leg in a tragic accident at a young age, Sagar pursued higher education at the Deepstambh Manobal Project and obtained his bachelor’s degree while preparing for competitive exams. Through sheer determination and persistence, Sagar’s hard work paid off, and he achieved this momentous success.

In his own words, Sagar credits his success to the support he received from Deepstambh Manobal and vows to support and stand by other individuals with disabilities like himself who are a part of the organization in the future.

Sagar’s story is an inspiration to many, and it demonstrates the importance of creating a world where individuals with disabilities are given equal opportunities to succeed. Let us all work towards making this a reality.

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