Memorable moments!

He is my favourite Hindi actor…
I watched all his movies in the last 20 years….and only His movies!!
I like his acting, the issues he handles, and his creativity and his excellence.

I have deep respect for him as he has been using his image of a superstar for the social awareness from episodes like satyamev jayate and life transformation movement of farmers through Pani Foundation.

I had a wish from long time to meet him.
Yes…you dream, believe in it and work tirelessly…dream comes true!

Last week i was specially invited to the program arranged by Pani Foundation and…..
We spend time together… Yes… with Dear Aamir Khan!
Also met Kiran ji, Duttaji .
It was possible only because of Satyajit ji and Swati Bhatkal, Dr Avinash Pol and friends from the Pani foundation. Dr Rekha and Dr Ravi Mahajan, who have made available Aryan eco-resort for Pani foundation training, were also present with me.

What phenomenal work Pani Foundation has been doing for farmers!!!
It’s a platform which connects farmers with research scientists. It’s a movement which inspires guides and keep farmers United for their progress.
It’s a beginning of a revolution….
Hats off !!!
Deep gratitude for Pani foundation from all farmers.!

Our divyang and orphan students are active participants of the Shramdaan by Pani foundation.
Aamir ji, satyajit ji and Dr pol appreciated the work done at Manobal and showered their wishes and blessings!!!

Learnings from Aamir ji…
-Deep thinking and study.
-Learning attitude.
-Visionary leadership.
-Excellence with commitment.
-Value and importance to everyone.
-Simplicity and humble nature.

Learnings from Pani foundation
-Importance of knowledge and research.
-Priority to extensive training.
-Professional presentation skills. .
-Effective use of technology.
Amazing team building

Thank you Aamirji , satyajit ji and Dr Avinash ji for inviting me. Best wishes.
Together we can!


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