Success Stories

Mrunal has won a bronze medal in chess at the Para Asian Games for Persons with Disabilities. She has participated in many national and international level sports. She has shown dedication towards her game practice and studies successfully. Mrunal is currently working in Bank of Maharashtra.

Mrunal Pande

(Visually Impaired)
Para Asian Olympic Player

Pandurang Rathod has unformed hands and legs since birth. Even his fingers are unformed but he has learnt to write using them. After his 12th standard, he joined Manobal to train for competitive examinations. He believes his training at Manobal helped him get a steady groove on his life. He is now a Junior Auditor in the Co-operation department. 

Pandurang Rathod

(Physically challenged)
Junior Auditor

With determination, we can build an inclusive society, where visually challenged or other underprivileged people, would not be treated as a hindrance to growth but considered an asset in building a strong society says Nisha Khare. She is a strong and honest woman, who was orphaned and lost her vision partially, at a very young age. She considers challenges as a boon in her life. Currently, she is a State Tax Inspector, in Mumbai. She says, “I am an asset at my work place. I always seek new opportunities and through my hard work, want to break the notion that blind people are a liability.” Currently, as she dreams to achieve more and pursues her training for UPSC examinations at Deepstambh’s Manobal project , she stands confident. She believes Manobal is a pillar of strength that lifts up underprivileged students and gives them a safe space, where even their state of mind is understood and guided in the right direction.

Nisha Khare

(Visually Impaired)
Sales Tax Inspector

The financial situation is very bad everywhere due to the lock down, in the pandemic times. My mother had to take all the responsibilities of the house after my father’s suicide. I could not take online training due to lack of a mobile device. Under the Deepstambh Akshay Shikshan Abhiyan, I received a mobile for my online education and also got any other help needed for enabling my education. Many poor children like me have been able to get an education because of the help they have received from the foundation. I will definitely work hard and be an administrative officer in the future.

Pavan Shimpi

Manobal Student

Heena has polio since birth. She was unable to prepare for competitive exams along with her job. After joining Manobal, she got required guidance and support through the various group discussions and test series. Various reference books, made available to her at Deepstambh also helped her in preparing for the exams. 

Heena Mukrab Shaikh

(Physically challenged.)

A blind girl belonging to a small city in Punjab, she is the only daughter to her parents. Vamika completed her schooling from a mainstream school in her native city, Pathankot. At present, she is pursuing her Political Science degree from Lady Shri Ram College for women, University of Delhi. Besides, she is enrolled with Manobal for her civil services examination preparations. About the organisation, she remarks that for the first time she has experienced, a teaching-learning system, wherein the students with disabilities are treated as equal human beings.

Vamika Sharma

(Visually Impaired)

He is a history graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Life has constantly thrown several challenges at him. He is a person with visual disability and also lost both his parents at a very tender age. Despite all this, he is quite enthusiastic and determined about his goal to become an I.A.S. officer. Before joining the online classes with Deepstambh Foundation, he was apprehensive about getting the coaching as he didn’t have the required finances. But at Manobal he got the opportunity and is preparing the exam. Moreover, today Manobal team has become his family.

Shubham Gupta


He has grown up in an orphanage since childhood. He wasn’t getting opportunities anywhere else where he could be residential and prepare for his education. He believes Deepastambh gave him not only educational opportunities but also provided family intimacy to orphans like him. He credits Manobal for enabling him to recognize his strength.

Deepak Vadanere

Preparing for MPSC

A 100% visually impaired girl, an undergraduate student of law residing in Kerala is currently enrolled in the online UPSC batch at Manobal. She mentions that since her journey of preparations of civil services began, Manobal has played a vital role in not just her studies, but also in building up confidence within her. She has now gained courage and has more stronger reason to fight the circumstances in her life to evolve into a good human being.

Thanya Nathan


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