Story of transformation of an orphan boy to an officer and a good citizen.

Story of transformation of an orphan boy to an officer and a good citizen.​

Since my parents passed away when I was a child, I don’t have a home or farm. My grandparents took care of me. I completed my degree in Electrical Engineering with a view to getting a job early after schooling. I have prepared for the competitive exams and now this year I got selected for the post of Assistant Engineer in MSEB.

Mr. Pukhraj Pagariya sent me to meet Yajurvendra Master at Jalgaon. Seeing my yearning, Master accepted me into the Deepstambh Family and Pukhraj Pagariaji took over the guardianship of my higher education education and training at manobal.

I learnt moral principles at Deepstambh Manobal, which also provided me with education and character development. My Deepsthambh family transformed my life.

Manobal has started a higher education and competitive exam training facility for orphans like me since 2017 and most importantly, we get a safe home, love and encouragement to pursue big dreams, which I feel gives us new life. Yajurvendra Master always says be a giver not only a receiver .so I am going to give my first salary to my siblings in Manobal. The association here will always inspire me to become a better person.
Thank you.

Mayur Chandrakant Bhave
Assistant Engineer (Transmission)

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