Swayamdeep (Sister Concern)

Swayamdeep was founded to empower the handicapped women to find new hope and zest for life again.

A Sister concern of Deepstambh Foundation. Founded by Minakshee Nikam.

Swayamdeep Project

Many time not having both the leg can lead to a life of complete dependence and indignity. This is especially true for women who have lost the use of their legs due to a disease or an unfortunate incident and are not socially or financially strong. Their sources of livelihood are extremely limited, and they also suffer emotionally for being no less than a liability on the people around them. This grave situation often damages their future prospects and prevents them from leading a life of self-respect.

Swayamdeep was founded to address this critical concern and enable these ladies to find new hope and zest for life again. They are empowered with independence, so that they can live with dignity despite the handicap. Here, they are trained for stitching and tailoring clothes with residential and food facilities. They are also provided with employment opportunities.

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