Youth Wing

Forum of young, like-minded individuals working on their personal growth and contributing for the growth of others.

Deepstambh Manobal's : Youth Wing

The purpose behind establishing Deepastambh Manobal- Youth Wing.

  • Developing good human being.
  • Creating a group for creative young people and helping them work together.
  • To actively participate in the work of Deepastambh Manobal.

The following activities will be organized by Deepastambh Manobal for youth.

  • An online meeting will be held once a month.
  • Lectures will be organized on different topics.
  • Seminars / Study Trips / Camps will be organized for the members.
  • Efforts will be made to get them internships for the field in which they want to pursue their career.

The following seven key principles will be binding on all. 

  1. To treat everyone with the feeling of Universal Brotherhood.
  2. To be Truthful.
  3. Not to be addicted.
  4. Not to do any illegal work.
  5. Non-violence
  6. Not to steal
  7. To develop social commitment through social service.
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